10 – ETH Zurich Services and Clubs

For decades, a variety of organizations have existed within ETH Zurich, helping doctoral students with social, cultural and many other aspects and thus making their lives easier and more enjoyable. In the following chapter, we would like to provide a brief overview of these diverse organizations, including different interest groups, service organizations and hobby clubs. However, it should be remembered that it is impossible to make a complete list.

For more detailed listings and further information, please check the semester program, the ETH directory, the ETH-Zurich Homepage (check out “Sport and leisure” as well as “Art and culture” under the Campus” header) and other ETH-Zurich publications. The best source of current information is the bulletin boards located near each cafeteria, where information for activities organized by official ETH-Zurich organizations and external groups is posted regularly. Furthermore, there are some clubs which are common to both the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, and a lot of university activities are open to ETH-Zurich students as well, so also have a look at University ads and homepages.

ETH Services

General Services

ETH Zurich provides a range of services to facilitate your daily work. In this chapter, we provide links to the official services pages and briefly outline the services we think are most useful for a successful start at ETH Zurich.

General services including the phone service, car rental, transport, shipping, office supplies, repairs, workshops, printing business cards, print design and, yes, a university forest. More information are available online.

IT Services

ETH Zurich provides excellent IT services. The IT services range from the provision of software and hardware, printing services, email, voip and tm provisions, and help desk services to supercomputing facilities. We only present a small selection here. Check-out the IT Services website for a complete overview.

nETHZ Account

All official ETH-Zurich services can be accessed with your nETHZ password. Details specific to your account can be handled with the Admin Tool. You can modify your ETH-Zurich account, create guest accounts, join a range of IT services, and use the e-mail and calendar service.

ETH-Zurich Employee Search

Find phone numbers and much more on this webpage. ETH-Zurich uses an LDAP service that can also be accessed by a suitable client (e.g. Outlook). Just type name@ethz.ch on any Unix machine to find data.

Printing Service

The distributed printing service at ETH Zurich.

Web Shops

To order office supplies or office furniture: www.shops.ethz.ch


Need software? Order it directly from the informatics service group via IDES.

Computational Power

Need more power to do your math? ETH Zurich has high-performance clusters which are accessible to all employees.

IT Courses

IT courses including CSS, Illustrator, InDesign, Latex, Linux, PHP and Photoshop: www.compicampus.ethz.ch

Statistical Help

Are you confused by your statistics? Professional help is at hand at ETH Zurich via Professor Stahel’s group.


Access to a large number of contracted journals, literature and book delivery services (including free delivery to your office!): www.library.ethz.ch
Find all locations and openning hours here.


ETH Zurich is part of the mobility network in Zurich. More info here.

Intellectual Property Protection

ETH Zurich offers support for licensing and patenting issues, as well as for founding a spin-off. More info here.


If you happen to be in charge of an event at ETH Zurich, you may want to use the ETH-Zurich catering service. More info here.


Workshops are conducted at departmental level. Get your gadgets build on!

Diverse Political bodies and Interest Groups


Doctoral students, research assistants, post-docs and all other academic employees who are not faculty at ETH Zurich are united in one group called scientific staff (in German Mittelbau) the second largest group at ETH Zurich after the students. We are responsible for political representation, organizing events, acting as troubleshooters and, finally, writing a cool survival guide More detailed info can be found here.


VSETH is ETH Zurich’s student association. Many Ph.D. students are also members of the VSETH. They organize a huge variety of events and take care of the political representation of students.

Check-out their website.


AIESEC is one of the largest student organizations in the world and has 50,000 members across more than 83 countries and territories at more than 800 universities worldwide. AIESEC is a non-political, non-profit, independent and educational foundation. It is comprised of students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education, who are interested in economics and management. AIESEC facilitates the international exchange of thousands of students and recent graduates in paid traineeships or as volunteers for a non-profit organization.

Check-out their website.


IAESTE was founded in the United Kingdom in 1948. It is a non-political, independent, non-governmental association, consisting of national committees in more than 60 countries. IAESTE operates an exchange program for students of technical and natural sciences. In order to provide students at institutions of higher education with technical experience abroad and an in- ternational perspective worldwide, traineeships are arranged. Information events at universities, trips to international events, activity weekends, weekly meetings and an attractive summer program for foreign trainees are organized regularly.

Check-out their website.


KOSTA, a subgroup of the VSETH (Student Association of ETH Zurich), not only organizes the SOLA-Party, but also the famous Polyball. This is an established event in the annual agenda of Zurich society. To complete the decoration for the ball, KOSTA is always looking for creative people to help out in the Töga (Töffligarage) at ETH Zurich during November. New members who enjoy improving their skills in the field of event management in a lively environment are always welcome to join KOSTA.

Check-out their website.


L-Punkt was founded in the spring of 2010 as a university club geared towards lesbian and bisexual women at the universities in Zurich. L-Punkt’s main goal is to provide all lesbian students with a platform where they can gather, network and share.

Check-out their website.


z&h, formerly zart&heftig, the association of gay students and assistants, was founded in 1989 and provides support for all scientific, political and personal matters concerning homosexuals at ETH Zurich and University. The association currently has about 300 members and has representatives on various committees at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. z&h also organizes film evenings, book readings, dinner parties and many other social activities in order to openly live gay culture at both ETH Zurich and the University, and to promote its general acceptance. The association is open to students and assistants of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. The membership fee is CHF 20 per term.

Check-out their website.

Service Organizations

ETH Bookstore (Polybuchhandlung)

The ETH Bookstore stocks (or can order) nearly all the books required for studies and research at ETH Zurich and spare-time reading. They operate two stores: one at ETH Zentrum and one at ETH Hönggerberg. Students and employees receive a variable discount, depending on the type, price and amount of books ordered. Books can also be ordered through the ETH Store website.

The Psychological Counseling Service

This counseling service offers professional advice for people who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace or private life. The special require- ments and stresses placed on a person doing a doctorate or an assistantship can lead to working disorders or personal problems, such as lack of concentration and the inability to make important decisions or deal with competitive situations or interpersonal conflicts.

Professional advice provides insights into patterns that cause disturbances and can activate resources to find constructive solutions. The counseling service is free and all contacts are treated completely confidentially. The service is available both during the term and in the semester holidays. Appointments must be made in advance.

Check-out their website.

Student Research Opportunities Program (SiROP)

SiROP is a network to advertise research projects. Researchers who work at ETH can advertise various project types, such as internships and Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, for free via a standardized interface.


SOS eth is a service organization open to all students, assistants and academic guests. In return for a nominal membership fee (CHF 5 for an ETH-Zurich student), SOS ETH sponsors a number of activities and services free of charge or at very low cost, including darkroom facilities (b/w and color), video-editing equipment, digital image processing and a fax service. They also hold movie nights at regular intervals during the term. Bring your own popcorn and enjoy some fine films free of charge! Announcements are made on their website, printed in Polykum/ETH-Life print or Zürcher Studentin, and are posted on various notice boards around ETH Zurich.

Check-out their website.


Telejob is a section of AVETH which is involved in running the job platform ETH get hired for academics. They are also organizing seminars addressing job applications, career start, and financial planning. They always welcome students interested in joining the team.

Music Clubs

The instrumental and choral groups, whose members are mainly students at both ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, are almost always on the lookout for new faces and voices. The level of musical talent varies – from purely amateur to aspiring professionals – as does the frequency of rehearsals and performances. Look in the Semester Program under Freizeit for further descriptions and up-to-date contact information.

The Academic Orchestra of Zurich (Akademisches Orchester Zürich, AOZ) is a joint organization of the University and ETH Zurich. Founded around 1900, it has almost 90 members. The orchestra strives to promote talented musicians and has given concerts in Switzerland and abroad. The orchestra is always eager to recruit new members.

Additional music organizations are:

Sport Clubs

Country-Specific Associations

Field-Specific Associations

Associations for women at ETH